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Stone Hearth and Specialty Food Service Equipment

The Power to Perform

Wood Stone Corporation, based in Bellingham, Washington, has been manufacturing stone hearth and specialty commercial cooking equipment for the foodservice industry since 1990. They have more than 18,000 installations in over 80 countries worldwide.

Wood Stone built its reputation on their family of stone hearth ovens. Their technologically advanced ceramics and engineering expertise, coupled with their high quality construction techniques and attention to detail, are typical of all of their products and relied upon by their loyal customers. Their product offerings have grown since inception and Wood Stone now also designs, engineers and manufactures a line of specialty commercial cooking equipment in addition to their oven offerings.

PB&J Commercial Agents

Stone Hearth Ovens

Stone hearth ovens in four sizes, with cooking or baking surfaces ranging from 7 sq. ft. to 45 sq. ft. These are the perfect artisan pizza ovens for any small or large kitchen.

Plancha Griddles

Powerful, Versatile, Consistent. Wood Stone Planchas are the high performance alternative to both a standard flat top griddle and a gas charbroiler.


Wood Stone offers a rotisserie for every concept and budget. For those seeking production and theater of a rotisserie, but have limited space, be sure to check out the Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie.


Wood Stone charbroilers feature a “heat-sink” style firebox cast from our dense, durable high-temperature ceramic– the same material as our stone hearth ovens.
PB&J Commercial Agents

Featured Products

Fire Deck

Fire Deck Series

Gas Planchas

Gas Planchas

Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie

Whatcom Gas Vertical Rotisserie